Drainage Solutions in East Texas

Divert damaging water away from your property’s foundation. At Rite-Way Foundation Repair, we offer drainage solutions to residents and business owners in East Texas.

Proper drainage around foundations is crucial in areas with clay-like soil, such as East Texas. Rite-Way Foundation Repair has the expertise to install moisture barriers and French Drains that redirect damaging run-off water away from your foundation.

French Drains are trenches filled with gravel containing a perforated pipe that redirects surface and groundwater away from an area. Rite-Way uses French drain applications to address crawl-space moisture and pressure against retaining walls. The exposed area of concern, whether it is a laid block or poured concrete wall, is prepped and waterproofed, and the drainage pipe and gravel are placed to move groundwater away from the footing.

If you’re not sure whether a drainage solution is right for your property, reach out to Rite-Way for a free estimate. Our experts will assess your property and provide a no-obligation estimate.

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