Concrete Leveling and Polyurethane Foam Injection Foundation Repair in East Texas

At Rite-Way Foundation Repair, our dedication lies in delivering exceptional results by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and the latest techniques that promise to leave your foundation even stronger than its original state.

Polyurethane Foam Injection: A Long-Lasting Solution for Sinking Concrete Slab

Has your concrete slab started sinking or sloping? When many home or business owners in East Texas encounter such problems, they often assume them to be the result of poor workmanship on the part of the builder of the structure. While this can sometimes be the cause, the actual issue may be the result of a settling foundation that has suffered from seasonal changes due to soil composition, erosion, and other natural phenomena.

At Rite-Way Foundation, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to identify the true causes of your damaged, sinking concrete slab. By using a method called polyurethane foam injection, we can literally lift your concrete slab back in place and restore it to proper level, providing a long-lasting and effective solution. Our team uses the latest technologies and techniques to ensure that your foundation is stronger than ever before. Don’t let a sinking or sloping concrete slab threaten the integrity of your structure – contact Rite-Way Foundation today for a free estimate and peace of mind.

The process of polyurethane foam injection for foundation repair involves drilling small holes into the concrete foundation of your property and pumping the foam mixture through tubes. As the foam enters the empty spaces beneath your foundation, it rapidly expands and lifts the concrete until it reaches the proper level. The foam solidifies and ensures that your property in East Texas will remain level for years to come, without the need for costly excavation and reconstruction.

With over 45 years of experience, Rite-Way Foundation Company has been providing high-quality foundation repair and structural leveling services to the people of East Texas. Our commitment to outstanding work is demonstrated by our use of the latest and greatest technologies and techniques to leave your foundation stronger than we found it. For more information on the polyurethane foam injection method for leveling your concrete slab or to schedule a consultation, contact us today.

polyurethane foam injection

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Pier & Beam

Pier and beam structures require foundation repair from issues like poor drainage, crowned floors that require jacking up, too-small crawlspaces, and other architectural defects.

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Rite-Way uses a top-of-the-line extendable deep foundation system called a helical pier, also known as a helical anchor. We use helical piers to achieve enhanced load bearing competency for your foundation.

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polyurethane foam injection

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Foam injection  is one of the most advanced modern methods of concrete repair. Polyurethane foam foundation repair is a much faster and less invasive than interior pilings for lifting and stabilizing foundations.

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