Foundation Repair Methods

Rite-Way offers a suite of foundation repair methods at prices you can afford.

The experts at Rite-Way Foundation can determine if your home or business has foundation settlement issues thanks to our decades of experience. We can then answer every question you might have regarding foundation repair, and fill in the details about the process we use to repair your cracked slab or uneven foundation.

We have a wide assortment of technologies available to deal with nearly any situation of foundation settling, cracking, or foundation sinking. If the foundation of your home is cracked and house leveling is required, we offer the best possible foundation repair solutions at prices you can afford.

Pier and Beam Repair Services

Pier & Beam

Pier and beam structures require foundation repair from issues like poor drainage, crowned floors that require jacking up, too-small crawlspaces, and other architectural defects.

House Leveling Services

Helical Piers

Rite-Way uses a top-of-the-line extendable deep foundation system called a helical pier, also known as a helical anchor. We use helical piers to achieve enhanced load bearing competency for your foundation.

Pressed Piling Foundation Repair

Pressed Piling

Concrete and steel pressed piers are some of the most popular pressed piling systems in Nacogdoches. That’s why Rite-Way’s experts are trained to utilize the method wherever necessary.

Commercial Foundation Repair

Foam Injection

Foam injection  is one of the most advanced modern methods of concrete repair. Polyurethane foam foundation repair is a much faster and less invasive than interior pilings for lifting and stabilizing foundations.

Nacogdoches, TX Foundation Repair Services

Pier and Beam Repairs

Concrete Slab Repair

Under Slab Tunneling

House Leveling Services

Commercial Services

Residential Services

Drainage Solutions

Polyurethane Foam Injection

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