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Your Nacogdoches home is your life. Don’t let your life be wrecked by foundation damage!

Living in Nacogdoches means your structure’s foundation can undergo seasonal wet and dry cycles that can cause severe stress to your slab. Eventually, this can result in cosmetic and structural damage.

The new techniques and technologies Rite-Way uses for slab and foundation repair ensure your home’s slab can remain intact for good. Make sure you make the right choice for your slab repair needs by contacting us today for a no-obligation analysis of your foundation.

There are a few foundation problems unique to concrete slab structures.  If you have a cracked slab, you may notice some of these symptoms:

  • Stretched or buckled linoleum flooring
  • Uneven floors/Broken floor tiles
  • Sticky doors or windows that are difficult to open or close
  • Domed floors in the center of rooms

The first thing you may wonder if you notice these symptoms is how the problem started. There can be many causes of a cracked slab, including:

  • Expansive soil lifting the floor
  • Concrete shrinkage
  • Tree roots lifting the slab
  • Broken water lines

Rite-Way can not only recognize these issues immediately – we also have the expertise to address them promptly and professionally.

Cracks in Foundation
Free Repair Estimates

We offer Free Estimates to homeowners and business owners in Nacogdoches and East Texas. Think you might have a problem but you aren’t sure? Schedule a free quote with one of our Rite-Way Foundation Repair experts.

Free Structural Analysis

If you have any of these problems present in your home, contact Rite-Way. We carry the proper licenses and insurance coverage to provide professional structure repairs to your home or business. We even provide a FREE structural analysis to help you understand our repair strategy. Our decades of experience in East Texas foundation repair has produced the awesome and affordable foundation repair solutions you need to endure for the life of your home.

East Texas Expertise

The experts at Rite-Way foundation are well-acquainted with the problems that homeowners face in East Texas. From excessive humidity to extreme heat, your home is susceptible to issues that Rite-Way professionals are uniquely qualified to notice and handle.

Common Signs of Foundation Issues

Some of the most common signs of foundation issues include uneven and sloping floors or walls, doors or windows that no longer close properly, and cracks in the foundation, the floor or floor tiles – horizontal cracks in particular.

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