Many of the home foundations you’ll find in East Texas require you to keep water and moisture as far away from them as possible. That’s why it’s often a surprise when homeowners hear that they should “water their slab.”

The phrase itself sounds weird! After all, a concrete slab is not a house, and you can’t be blamed if you feel a bit of skepticism over the idea that you should get it wet.

Here’s what you need to know. 

Why water your slab?

Some slabs don’t need watering due to the soil they sit in. In fact, some well-meaning homeowners create problems by over-watering their slabs.

To understand why you should water your slab, you should understand what it’s doing. Clay soil, like the type sitting beneath many East Texas homes, contracts when it gets dry. This causes the foundation to sink and crack as the foundation moves. When it gets moist again, it expands, which pushes the foundation around once more. Often, this results in severe damage. 

Watering the slab, and thus the soil around the slab ensures that the soil region remains consistent. 

When should you water your slab?

You should actually have your slab inspected before you start watering it. You don’t want to perform guesswork.

As East Texas foundation contractors, we can tell you exactly what kinds of soil conditions you’re facing, whether your slab needs watering, and how much you need to water it.

If you’re not ready to schedule a professional inspection, you can schedule a weekly one that you’ll perform yourself. 

Take a walk around your house and look at the soil around your foundation. If you see the dirt is moist and pressing against your foundation, you probably don’t need to water it. If the dirt is dry and has pulled away from your foundation, it’s time to water it.

It rains all the time in Texas. Isn’t that enough to water my slab?

No, because you need the moisture levels around your slab to stay consistent. Rainfall is not consistent.

Obviously, you probably don’t need to water your slab directly after a storm, but here in East Texas we see plenty of dry spells

Mother nature will never be as vigilant as a homeowner trying to protect their property.

Will watering your slab prevent foundation failure?

Watering your slab can help prevent foundation problems, but it’s not a guarantee that they’ll never occur. Preventative maintenance can never address every condition that might impact your slab or foundation.

For example, if you have a Live Oak in your yard there’s always the chance that the roots will decide to grow under your house instead of out into the yard, breaking up your foundation and causing issues.

Nevertheless, you will get foundation problems if you let clay or partial-clay soil shift your foundation every time weather conditions change. 

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