When you start noticing foundation problems in your home, ignoring them or explaining them away can be tempting. “The house is just settling,” you say uneasily as you mentally tally up the repair cost and hope you never have to call a company like ours. 

Yet there are very good reasons to start budgeting for foundation repair when you realize that yours might not be in great shape. 

If you ignore foundation problems, the house can begin to break apart. Walls can crack or bulge inward or outward. Ceilings can start to crumble and cave in. Floors can break apart.

Leave foundation problems long enough, and it will become impossible to save your home. 

Worse, these issues don’t ever just stop or slow. They progress until the home structure becomes downright dangerous to live in. The home could collapse around you. 

Plus, other problems will begin to appear. For example, large foundation cracks can lead to standing water in the foundation, which seeps onto the bottom floor of your home, leading to mold and water damage. You may notice an influx of insects as bugs seek to move from their inhospitable outdoor environment to your hospitable indoor one. No pest control company will be able to do a thing if the foundation issues are not addressed.

The longer you leave the problem, the more expensive it becomes. If you catch it fast, we may be able to handle the issue for just a few thousand dollars. 

Finally, your homeowner’s insurance will cover some foundation issues if they were caused by water damage from plumbing or AC overflow or if weather conditions caused a change in your foundation. They won’t cover natural settling, but that’s beside the point. 

They definitely won’t cover a situation where a homeowner white-knuckled through the problem, explaining away the early signs because they were afraid of what the repair would cost.

Call us if you live in Conroe, Carthage, Cleveland, Huntsville, Jasper, Livingston, Longview, Nacogdoches, or Palestine, or any part of east TX. We’ll give you a thorough inspection and a fair price for a lasting repair. We offer various solutions to make foundation repair more affordable and less scary. 

Don’t let your house crumble around you. Contact us to get help with your foundation issues today.