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In Huntsville, Texas, we provide repair services for both slab and pier and beam foundations that have wooden floor systems within their structures

At Rite-Way, we offer specialized pier and beam repair services in Huntsville, TX, specifically catering to foundations with wooden floor systems. The unique challenges faced by pier and beam foundations in Huntsville include susceptibility to rot from prolonged soil or water contact, as well as damage from termites and rodents, and sagging caused by undersized or poorly spaced lumber. With our expertise, we can promptly and professionally address these issues, ensuring the security and functionality of your pier and beam foundation.
Rite-way Foundation Repair pier, beam and joist Huntsville, Tx
Free Repair Estimates
If you are a homeowner or business owner in Huntsville, TX, concerned about foundation problems caused by excessive humidity or extreme heat, you can count on Rite-Way’s professionals to notice and handle them. We have extensive experience addressing foundation issues unique to East Texas, and we possess the expertise to provide effective solutions to keep your property safe and secure.
Free Structural Analysis
Rite-Way is licensed and insured to provide professional structure repair services to homes and businesses in Huntsville, TX. If you suspect foundation problems in your property, we offer a FREE structural analysis to help you understand our repair strategy. With decades of experience in foundation repair in Huntsville, we offer affordable and efficient solutions that will ensure the longevity of your property.
East Texas Expertise
Rite-Way Foundation’s experts have a deep understanding of the issues that homeowners in East Texas often face. With our expertise, we can identify and handle problems that are unique to the region, such as those caused by excessive humidity or extreme heat, ensuring the longevity and stability of your home’s foundation
Common Signs of Foundation Issues
Signs of foundation issues in Huntsville, TX may include sloping or uneven floors or walls, doors or windows that no longer close properly, and cracks in the foundation, floor, or floor tiles, particularly horizontal cracks. If you notice any of these signs, it is crucial to seek professional foundation repair services promptly. At Rite-Way Foundation, we have the expertise and experience to diagnose and repair foundation issues accurately and provide effective solutions to keep your property secure.

Other Repair Methods

Rite-way Foundation Repair Pier and Beam Repair Services in Huntsville and east Texas.

Pier & Beam

Pier and beam structures in Huntsville, TX are susceptible to foundation issues caused by various factors, including poor drainage, small crawlspaces, crowned floors requiring jacking up, and architectural defects. At Rite-Way Foundation, we possess the expertise and knowledge to identify and repair these issues promptly and professionally, ensuring that your pier and beam foundation remains safe, secure, and functional.

Rite-way Foundation Repair helical pier repairs method House Leveling Services Rite-way Huntsville, Tx

Helical Piers

Rite-Way Foundation employs top-of-the-line helical piers to achieve enhanced load-bearing competency for your foundation in Huntsville, TX. This advanced extendable deep foundation system provides superior support for your foundation, ensuring its strength and longevity.

Rite-way Foundation Repair Pressed Piling  Huntsville, Tx

Pressed Piling

Rite-Way’s foundation experts in Huntsville, TX, are highly trained in the use of concrete and steel pressed piers, which are among the most popular pressed piling systems in the area.

Rite-way Foundation Repair polyurethane foam injection Huntsville, Tx

Foam Injection

Foam injection is a cutting-edge technique for concrete repair and one of the most advanced methods available today. By utilizing polyurethane foam, foundation repair can be achieved faster and with less invasiveness than traditional interior pilings for lifting and stabilizing foundations. Rite-Way offers this innovative solution to customers in Huntsville, TX, providing them with reliable and efficient foundation repair services.

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