Pier & Beam Repair Services in East Texas

We provide repair services for both slab and pier and beam foundations with wooden floor systems inside the structure in Livingston, Texas.

Livingston’s pier and beam structures may face unique foundation problems, including wood floors that are susceptible to rot from prolonged contact with soil or water and damage from termites and rodents, which may require replacement. Undersized or poorly spaced lumber can cause sagging if support piers are placed closer together than the typical distance of 6 feet. Additionally, architectural defects such as poor drainage, crowned floors, and too-small crawlspaces can cause foundation issues.

At Rite-Way, we have the expertise to recognize and address these unique foundation issues promptly and professionally.

Rite-way Foundation Repair pier, beam and joist Livingston, Tx
Free Repair Estimates
At Rite-Way Foundation Repair, we provide free estimates to both homeowners and business owners in Livingston and East Texas. Unsure if your foundation has a problem? Contact our experts to schedule a free quote and inspection.
Free Structural Analysis
IIf you are experiencing any of these issues in your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to Rite-Way. We have the necessary licenses and insurance coverage to offer expert structural repairs to both residential and commercial properties. We also provide a complimentary structural analysis to help you understand our repair approach. With our extensive experience in foundation repair in East Texas, we offer reliable and cost-effective solutions that will stand the test of time.
East Texas Expertise
In East Texas, homes are often exposed to a range of environmental challenges that can impact their foundations, such as high humidity and extreme heat. At Rite-Way Foundation Repair, our experts are familiar with these issues and have the expertise to recognize and address them effectively. Whether you need a routine inspection or require foundation repair services, you can trust our professionals to provide the support and solutions you need to keep your home secure and functional.
Common Signs of Foundation Issues
Some of the telltale indicators of foundation problems are floors or walls that are sloping or uneven, doors or windows that do not close properly, and cracks in the foundation, flooring, or tiles. It is particularly concerning if there are horizontal cracks.

Other Repair Methods

Rite-way Foundation Repair Pier and Beam Repair Services Livingston, Tx

Pier & Beam

Pier and beam structures require foundation repair from issues like poor drainage, crowned floors that require jacking up, too-small crawlspaces, and other architectural defects.

Rite-way Foundation Repair Residential Helical Piers Livingston, Tx

Helical Piers

At Rite-Way, we employ the state-of-the-art helical pier system, also referred to as a helical anchor, to reinforce the foundation of your building. Our helical piers are advanced deep foundation systems that enhance the load-bearing capacity of your foundation, guaranteeing its stability and longevity for many years.

Rite-way Foundation Repair Pressed Piling Livingston, Tx

Pressed Piling

One of the most popular pressed piling systems in Livingston is the concrete and steel pressed piers. At Rite-Way, our experts are trained to use this method whenever it is necessary to repair and reinforce the foundation of your structure.

Rite-way Foundation Repair polyurethane foam injection Livingston, Tx

Foam Injection

Foam injection is a cutting-edge technique for concrete repair that offers many advantages over traditional methods. Using polyurethane foam for foundation repair is a highly efficient and less disruptive alternative to interior pilings when it comes to lifting and stabilizing foundations.

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